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Glossary of Social Science Terms
AIRPORT A place where aeroplanes land and take off.
ALLUVIUM Fine sand and silt deposited by the rivers.
ALTITUDE The height of a place above the sea level.
ANNEXATION An act of taking over territory without right.
ANTIBIOTIC A substance that kills germs and cures the infections.
ANTISEPTIC A substance that helps to prevent infection in wounds by killing germs.
APARTHEID Government policy of separating Whites and Non-Whites.
ATLAS A book of maps.
Atlas A book of maps.
ATMOSPHERE The envelop of air which surrounds the Earth.
AXIS Imaginary line around which the Earth rotates.
BLUBBER Fat of animals like whale, seal, etc.
BOAT A hollow log of wood used for travelling on water.
BREAKFAST The meal we have in the morning.
CACTI Thorny plants commonly found in deserts.
CANAL A long straight passage dug in the ground used for carrying water to fields.
CARTRIDGE A small case containing an explosive material for a rifle.
Continent A large landmass.
CORAL DEPOSITS Substances deposited at the bottom of the sea from the bones of very small creatures.
CRADLE The place where something important begins.
DAM A concrete barrier built across a river.
DELTA A flat land where a river deposits its sediments before falling into the sea.
DENSITY OF PEOPLE People living in one square kilometre area.
Desert A piece of land which is covered with sand.
DIGEST To break food into simpler form.
DINNER The meal we have at night.
DISPENSARY A place where patients are treated free of cost.
DISPLAY BOARD A board to show pictures, charts, etc.
DROUGHT A long period of time during which there is no rainfall.
E-MAIL Electronic mail
EMBASSY A group of persons led by an ambassador who represent their country in a foreign country.
ENDANGERED Animals in danger of becoming extinct.
EQUATOR The largest parallel. It divides Earth into two equal hemispheres.
EQUATORIAL REGION The region on both sides of the Equator.
EVERGREEN TREES Trees that remain green throughout the year.
EXCITING Interesting.
EXPLOIT To make wrong use.
EXTRACT To take out.
FAMINE Extreme scarcity of food during a long period of time in a region.
FOOTPATH A place on both sides of road for people to walk.
FRIEND A person who helps.
FUTILITY Uselessness
GLACIER A slow-moving river of ice.
Globe A model of the Earth.
GRANDFATHER Father’s father or mother’s father.
GRANDMOTHER Father’s mother or mother’s mother.
HARPOON A spear with a long rope attached to it.
HARVEST SEASON The time when crop that has been sown earlier is ready for reaping.
HIEROGLYPHICS Ancient Egyptian script.
HOIST To raise something to a higher position.
HOMESTEAD A farmhouse.
HORIZON The place where the Earth and the sky seem to meet.
HUMIDITY The amount of moisture in the air.
ICEBERG Huge mass of ice floating in the sea.
IMMERSED To put something into water so that it is completely covered.
INDIAN MAINLAND The parts of India which does not lie in the sea. For example, Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep Islands are not a part of the Indian Mainland.
IRRIGATION The act of watering crops in fields.
Island A piece of land which is surrounded by water on all sides.
ISLAND Land surrounded by water on all sides.
JAGGERY The raw form of sugar. It is very rich in minerals.
JOURNEY An act of going from one place to another.
KAHWA A special tea of Kashmir.
KANGRI A small earthen pot with burning coal in it.
LAGOON Saltwater lakes that have been cut off from the main sea.
LATEX A thick white liquid produced by rubber tree.
LATITUDE Distance of a place from the Equator.
LOO Hot and dry winds that blow in the Northern Plains during summers.
LUNCH The meal we have in the afternoon.
MACHINE A tool which makes work easy.
MANURE The waste matter from animals that is spread over or mixed with the soil to help plants and crops grow.
Map A drawing of the whole Earth or parts of it.
MINING The process of taking out minerals from the Earth.
MINING The act of taking out minerals from the earth.
MONEY ORDER A method of sending money by filling in a form at a Post Office.
MOULD A hollow container of a particular shape in which something soft or liquid is poured.
MUSEUM A building in which objects of historical, cultural or scientific interest are kept.
NOMAD A person belonging to a tribe which travels from place to place.
NON-VIOLENCE Using peaceful methods to bring a social change.
OASIS A place in a desert where water is found.
OASIS A fertile place in a desert.
OCCUPATION Any activity that is done to earn money.
Ocean A huge water body.
OILFIELD Area of land or the seabed where oil is found and from where it is taken out.
ORCHARD A place where a particular fruit is grown.
ORE Mineral from which metal can be taken out.
PAPYRUS A kind of reed used in Egypt to make paper.
PARKA Jacket with a hood to cover the head.
PASTEURISATION A process used to kill germs in milk, first by heating and then cooling.
PENINSULA A piece of land surrounded by water on three sides.
Peninsula A piece of land which is surrounded by water on three sides.
PHIRAN A long, woollen kurta.
PLANET Heavenly objects which revolve round the Sun.
Plateau A type of plain land which is higher than its surrounding area.
POTTER'S WHEEL A wheel used for making pots with clay.
POULTRY Chickens, ducks, etc. kept for their meat and eggs.
PURIFY To make something pure.
RAINCOAT A long light coat that saves you from getting wet.
RANCHES Farms where cattle are reared.
RIVER BASIN The area watered by a river and its tributaries.
RIVER BASIN The area watered by a river and its tributaries.
SANCTUARY An area where wild birds or animals are protected.
SAND DUNE Hillocks of sand.
SATI Custom of a widow burning herself on her husband’s funeral pyre.
SCALE Ratio between the size of the map and the area shown.
SLEDGE A cart without wheels.
SMS Short messaging service
SPEAR A sharp stone fixed to a wooden stick.
TABLEAU A decorated scene mounted on a stage to represent something.
TOOLS A thing used to do some special work.
TOU PIG A tent made of animal skin.
TRIBUTARY A river or a stream that flows into a larger river.
UMIAK Broad boat that can carry many people.
VENDOR A person who sells food.
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